Why Choose Me

Reasons to Choose Me as Your Real Estate Agent

  1. Why I do what I do: 

  • I believe a home is a necessity and not a luxury. Everyone needs and deserves a home so why not have it be your own? 
  • Everyone has a different definition of what a home is.  Whether it’s a mobile home or a ranch style home on 5 acres, I will help you find what makes your heart happy.
  • I love helping people and I love homes so this career only made sense. Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases of our lives and knowing I am a part of that, makes me happy. 


    How do I help people?

  • Less stress with constant and clear communication. (Communication)
  • Whether you’re a 1st timer or just a little rusty, I am happy to guide and educate you on the whole process. (Guidance/Education)
  • I speak Spanish and Spanish speakers need homes too!  I provide translation so not only do you know what you’re signing, but communication will be clear and in your language. 
  • Flexible schedule to help you when you are available. With today’s Real Estate market, time is of the essence. A flexible schedule helps us see as many properties as possible until you find “the one.”
  • I introduce you to the different financing options available. A home loan is not a 1 size fits all.  There are different loan types, grants and zero downpayment options available!
  • I work with an awesome network of professionals from marketing, lenders, home inspectors to title companies.  I connect you to those who will provide you with the best service possible. Teamwork!  

    What Do I Do? 

  • I am a Real Estate matchmaker.  Homebuyers, I will introduce different candidates to you, until you find “the one.” My goal is to find you a home that best suites your lifestyle and budget.  Sellers, I will make sure your home does not go unnoticed. My job is to attract the right buyer for your home! 
  • I guide you through the different steps of your Real Estate transaction. 
  • I handle all the paperwork.
  • I am in charge of making sure all time lines are met so we get you closed on time.

    What makes me different? 

  • Pink hair! 
  • Sense of humor- Life is too short.. dance and laugh a little! 
  • I am patient. We are shopping for your next home, not a pair of shoes.
  • I am determined. Today’s market can be challenging, but with time, patience and dedication, it’s a matter of time before I find you a home. I won’t throw in the towel until you do! 
  • I take my career very seriously. I believe in transparency, honesty and doing things right! 
  • It does’t matter how big or how small of a transaction it is, I will give it 110%! 
  • I am nurturing. Buying or selling a home can be scary.  A lot of paperwork, different steps, time lines, but fear no more! If you need a hand to hold, I am here. 
  • Even after your transaction has closed, I am only a phone call away! 

Monica Redondo

REALTOR Mobile: (208)991-2352

Casas De Idaho- Silvercreek Realty Group

1099 S. Wells #200
Meridian, ID 83642